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Ergonomic Features

There is increasing concern about back pain in children caused by carrying unsuitable bags and backpacks to and from school.  As parents ouselves we are concerned to know that carrying these heavy loads in a poorly designed school bag can cause lasting damage to your child’s back.

Here's how the SPI® Ergonomic bag protects your child's back and lightens their load throughout the day: 

Well-padded shoulder straps are S-shaped for comfort.  Narrow, poorly padded shoulder straps can dig in and cut off circulation

Built in rigid back support to shape the backpack to your child's back

Padded back for comfort and ventilation

Chest strap to fit should straps snuggly - especially important for children with narrow shoulders

Waist strap to transfer weight from the lower back to the hips and reduce backpack movement

Specially sized to fit younger children
- backpacks designed for older children can never fit a smaller child well.  One size does not fit all!

Internal compartments 
hold heavier items close to the centre of the back where there is less moment of weight created

These features:

Help eliminate back strain and back pain in kids
The ergonomic school bag provides both support and padding where it is needed and removes any heavy loading from specific areas.

Promote excellent posture
By allowing the child to comfortably wear the back pack properly, there is no need to slouch or lean awkwardly whilst the school bag is in use.

Medically Endorsed
SPI School Bags are endorsed by the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong

Tried and Tested 
SPI School Bags are the result of years of research and development. Feedback from thousands of customers around the world has been analysed optimised and refined before being incorporated into our products.

Quality Assured
Our focus is not just upon visual appeal or ergonomic principles. We also require the highest quality standards.